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Many assumptions exist in the innovation arena, but a large body of evidence informs us that the best approach to embedding innovative techniques in organizations is through proper utilization of structure, leadership, and people.

CHES has worked nationally with various institutions of higher education. Because of our multifaceted experience partnering with university offices — admissions, financial aid, registrar, and student affairs — we are able to offer our clients proven strategies and techniques that will improve workflow and processes, maximize departmental resources, increase efficiency and effectiveness, improve operational outcomes, and enhance employee satisfaction.

We are a safe, stable, value-driven company with a wide range of professional accomplishment that enables us to effectively assist our clients in working to identify and apply productive practices that will transform their organization.

Our CHES Consultants:

Have a Solid Work Ethic

We demonstrate this by operating in a diligent, courteous, and professional manner to accomplish the job to our client’s satisfaction. Our consultants have pride in their work and labor in every way to ensure that customers are satisfied with our efforts on their behalf

Are Results-Driven

We meet our objectives on time, balancing cost and quality. Our work is easily measured since it is entirely performance based.

Are Flexible

Plans change. Employees have personal issues. Departments may experience unexpected influxes of work. We understand that the unpredictable happens. We also understand that not every institution is the same. In light of all this, CHES consultants are able to operate in a “conditions on the ground” way that allows us to target the needs of our clients and offer solutions that are both appropriate and productive.

Value Integrity

Our consultants are candid with and accountable to one another regarding business practices, and we extend this mindset of candid accountability to our clients. We will always endeavor to do what is right – even when doing so compromises our opportunity for advancement or personal gain. For CHES consultants, a solid reputation and return business are more important than a “quick win”

Model Safe and Stable Leadership

Leaders with a strong foundation of integrity make it safe for employees to perform at their peak. This gives employees a sense of empowerment. Allowing employees to have the freedom to be open and honest without retribution for their ideas and opinions encourages better performance and is the best ingredient for instilling an environment of innovation.



The CHES team is comprised of nationally respected and highly knowledgeable consultants who will assist your institution or business in the assessment, evaluation, and optimization of your processes. We know the process and the relationship between effective processes and those that hinder. Be it in business or education we deliver highly trained and knowledgeable consultants and have an entire unit dedicated to understanding the latest trends, regulations, and market environment. We use this expertise to build and apply customized training and management plans for our customers. We look forward to working with you as we labor together to maximize the productivity of your office and systems.

A few of our lead consultants are listed here, and we have a network of 12 consultants each possessing a minimum of nine years’ experience in facilitating organizational and institutional effectiveness. Our people work as a team, and this approach serves to strengthen the work performed by the individual.

Meet the Team:

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  • I cannot say enough about the services we received from Comprehensive Higher Education Solutions. During a period of significant transition to our Registrar’s Office, their investment of time and energy – and sense of commitment – not only helped to stabilize the office but systematized our core processes, including by way of important new technologies.

    Robert B. Ahdieh

    June 15, 2017
  • Marvell was instrumental in leading the rebuilding of the Office of the Registrar team, rebooting the room and scheduling process and launching Rush’s Common Academic Calendar initiative.

    Gayle Ward, JD

    June 15, 2017
  • Marvell, your support speaks volumes. Coming from you, whom I respect as an expert in policy and procedures for the Office of the Registrar; one who has a keen eye for recognizing the global impact; has the uncanny ability to engage and capture an audience within and outside of the department; and as a true professional; your acknowledgement means a lot to me.

    Brenda Weddington

    June 15, 2017



In a global marketplace, employees often have multiple responsibilities; no single ability makes a worker unique. CHES understands this dynamic. We know that you are who you are professionally because you have learned and leveraged many skills during your working life. In addition, you have combined those skills with a refined understanding of what it takes to get the job done.

We are actively recruiting people like you; people who can bring new perspectives and life experiences to our teams. Are you looking for a place that values your curiosity, passion, and desire to learn? Are you seeking colleagues who are big thinkers eager to take on fresh challenges as a team? Then CHES is looking for you!

Higher Education Consultants at CHES work with faculty, administrators and the community to develop, implement and evaluate a school’s learning environment and curriculum. We help institutions with workflow, process improvement, and system implementation and have a passion for higher education and the success of the institutions we serve. CHES consultants are a dedicated and collaborative group of professionals who value and support each other. If this sounds like a work environment of which you would like to be a part, we invite you to join our team!

Full-time positions will be available at a later date, but we are seeking persons now who wish to serve on short-term institutional assignments that range in duration from a few days to as much as one week. To begin the process of joining CHES’s cadre of driven professionals, please submit your CV below.

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CHES offers strategies that increase institutional efficiency and effectiveness. We suggest the implementation of new technology only if it is the most effective solution for your college or university. If we suggest an updating of your technology, we will also provide training so you and your staff might achieve optimal use of the system.

Implementation of Educational Technology

In an economy increasingly driven by technological change and the global marketplace, businesses need to stay abreast of the latest innovations in order to keep their competitive edge and access new market opportunities. If it is to remain relevant and effective, a business must pursue this process on a regular basis. Effective technological implementation requires an institution, before purchasing new equipment, to strategize, consider requirements, think through a plan of implementation, develop a training program, and anticipate reponses to potential contingencies. Whether large or small, CHES welcomes the opportunity to work with your IT department during its next implementation of new technology.

Technology and Distance Learning

Online education is changing dramatically, and distance learning has gone from new to normal. Students are enrolling online in staggering numbers, matriculating in a broad range of programs. Those enrolled in traditional campus settings are also taking online or hybrid courses. It is indeed a brave new world, academically.

In this connection, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) was expected to be a major boom. While the impact was less than expected, these courses did validate some of the educational and business models for new approaches to online education. Online programs are also evolving to target both macro and micros communities of students at every type of college.

This re-design of educational delivery demands that we consider teaching, learning, and the economics of higher education in new ways. CHES works with your college or university to integrate new technology and/or maximize your current technology in order to enhance the educational process and your institution’s bottom line.