Diamond Package

This is our highest level of service. The Diamond Package remains popular because it can be customized to meet the needs of the individual department, college, or university. If you select the Diamond Package, a contract will be required. We will also request submission of documents for review, completion of a needs assessment by all departments being assisted, completion of a custom evaluation by the department heads of the units that interact most with the targeted group, and interviews of key department members.

The Diamond Package is used to address large-scale changes needed within divisions of a college or university. The service requires a minimum of three weeks and may expand depending on the size of the institution and the complexity of the issue under review. This level of service is often requested and/or supported by a vice president or provost. It involves ongoing engagement over many months, and examples of efforts provided are:

1. academic calendar conversion
2. dealing with departmental loss of leadership
3. creating departmental policies and documenting procedures
4. creating departmental training manuals
5. system training or development with PeopleSoft, Colleague, Banner, Jenzabar and in-house students information systems

Higher education is a varied business. We understand this at CHES and work with our clients to conceptualize a course of action that will effectively and concisely help them achieve their institutional goals.

Each department, college, or university is different and faces its own unique set of the challenges that infringe upon organizational success. Phone CHES today and schedule your free 15-minute consultation so we can begin work toward surmounting those challenges, together.