Emerald Package

This is our mid-range package and the most popular service we offer. The Emerald Package requires a contract, submission of documents for review, completion of a needs assessment by the department being assisted, completion of a brief evaluation by the department heads of the units that interact most with the targeted group, and interviews of key department members.

This service requires two to five days to complete, depending on the complexity of the problem and the size of the department, college, or university under review. The Emerald Package is conducted on your campus with the participation and involvement of persons previously identified. Our analyses will concentrate on identification of enhancements that will lead to systemic and long-lasting departmental improvements. We have found that many themes emerge from comprehensive departmental examinations; needed improvement in related areas is often a by-product of such review. Examples of services offered through the Emerald Package are:

1. moving to a paperless office
2. assisting with degree audit build
3. developing workflow training documents
4. creating productivity in document collection and routing
5. mapping and building electronic documents (including file storage and preparation of official records)

CHES is committed to your success and will offer at no additional charge a suggested plan to implement all or any part of the recommendations that stem from an evaluation or assessment we perform. We will do more than simply tell you what we have found; we will offer a well-crafted strategy toward resolution and success.