Process Improvement Services

Our consulting services begin with a thorough analysis of the problem or situation reported by the university provost, college dean, or department head who engages our company. This analysis allows us to uncover the cause of the problem. Surprisingly, quite often that cause is not what administrators assumed it might be. A few of the reasons we have discovered for less than superior performance are:

– Ineffective or counterproductive leadership of department heads or their supervisors
– Interdepartmental communication and system process problems
– Lack of understanding and inadequate implementation of software and systems currently in use
– Employee inefficiency that is facilitated by lack of clear processes, insufficient training, and a failure to reinforce changes made to outdated processes

We pursue a multi-pronged approach to assessment and individualized interventions. This response is based upon best practices from detailed experience we have gained by working with colleges and universities nationwide. Suggesting the purchase and implementation of new software systems would come only after it has been determined that such action would generate the highest return on investment. But new software systems require customization of training. Absent that training, we have found that the advantages promised by the purchase of system software do not fully occur. CHES will not install or recommend new systems without ascertaining the availability of training and support at the appropriate levels.