Process Improvement Services

Our consulting services begin with a thorough analysis of the problem or situation reported by the university provost, college dean, or department head who engages our company. This analysis allows us to uncover the cause of the problem. Surprisingly, quite often that cause is not what administrators assumed it might be. A few of the reasons we have discovered for less than superior performance are:

– Ineffective or counterproductive leadership of department heads or their supervisors
– Interdepartmental communication and system process problems
– Lack of understanding and inadequate implementation of software and systems currently in use
– Employee inefficiency that is facilitated by lack of clear processes, insufficient training, and a failure to reinforce changes made to outdated processes

We pursue a multi-pronged approach to assessment and individualized interventions. This response is based upon best practices from detailed experience we have gained by working with colleges and universities nationwide. Suggesting the purchase and implementation of new software systems would come only after it has been determined that such action would generate the highest return on investment. But new software systems require customization of training. Absent that training, we have found that the advantages promised by the purchase of system software do not fully occur. CHES will not install or recommend new systems without ascertaining the availability of training and support at the appropriate levels.

Pearl Package

Includes eight hours of preparation and four hours of conversation, brainstorming and plan development. This package requires a signed contract, submission of documents for review, and completion of a needs assessment. Interviewing key department members will also be required.
A distinct advantage of the Pearl Package is that it is designed to be implemented within your department, college, or university remotely. Most meetings will be conducted via phone and GoToMeeting. Occasional visits to the campus may be necessary, but it is anticipated that such will rarely be the case. CHES is able to offer several forms of assistance through the Pearl Package. These forms include but are not limited to:
1. Working with a department on their workflow
2. Working with departments on backlog
3. Working with college or university IT departments to assist in modifications to current systems

Emerald Package

This is our mid-range package and the most popular service we offer. The Emerald Package requires a contract, submission of documents for review, completion of a needs assessment by the department being assisted, completion of a brief evaluation by the department heads of the units that interact most with the targeted group, and interviews of key department members.

This service requires two to five days to complete, depending on the complexity of the problem and the size of the department, college, or university under review. The Emerald Package is conducted on your campus with the participation and involvement of persons previously identified. Our analyses will concentrate on identification of enhancements that will lead to systemic and long-lasting departmental improvements. We have found that many themes emerge from comprehensive departmental examinations; needed improvement in related areas is often a by-product of such review. Examples of services offered through the Emerald Package are:

1. moving to a paperless office
2. assisting with degree audit build
3. developing workflow training documents
4. creating productivity in document collection and routing
5. mapping and building electronic documents (including file storage and preparation of official records)

CHES is committed to your success and will offer at no additional charge a suggested plan to implement all or any part of the recommendations that stem from an evaluation or assessment we perform. We will do more than simply tell you what we have found; we will offer a well-crafted strategy toward resolution and success.

Diamond Package

This is our highest level of service. The Diamond Package remains popular because it can be customized to meet the needs of the individual department, college, or university. If you select the Diamond Package, a contract will be required. We will also request submission of documents for review, completion of a needs assessment by all departments being assisted, completion of a custom evaluation by the department heads of the units that interact most with the targeted group, and interviews of key department members.

The Diamond Package is used to address large-scale changes needed within divisions of a college or university. The service requires a minimum of three weeks and may expand depending on the size of the institution and the complexity of the issue under review. This level of service is often requested and/or supported by a vice president or provost. It involves ongoing engagement over many months, and examples of efforts provided are:

1. academic calendar conversion
2. dealing with departmental loss of leadership
3. creating departmental policies and documenting procedures
4. creating departmental training manuals
5. system training or development with PeopleSoft, Colleague, Banner, Jenzabar and in-house students information systems

Higher education is a varied business. We understand this at CHES and work with our clients to conceptualize a course of action that will effectively and concisely help them achieve their institutional goals.

Each department, college, or university is different and faces its own unique set of the challenges that infringe upon organizational success. Phone CHES today and schedule your free 15-minute consultation so we can begin work toward surmounting those challenges, together.

Public Service

Financial Aid Help

At CHES our experienced, knowledgeable consultants will help you navigate the Financial Aid Process every step of the way.

Helping Students Succeed:

Our consultants help students and parents through the financial aid process by providing them with valuable advice and support that supplements what they receive from local schools.  A competent financial aid consultant can assist a family in navigating through the maze of financial information that can overly complicate this application process.

These experienced and knowledgeable consultants will help you navigate the Financial Aid process.  Our consultants will work one-on-one with you to provide a wealth of services.  This includes the fundamentals of the aid process, such as accurately completing and submitting the financial aid application.  We can also include more comprehensive insight such as explaining your Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

Our goal is to educate and equip you so that you can make informed financial decisions.  This will allow you to pay for college using all the available federal, state, and institutional financial aid at your disposal, as well as lower your educational out of pocket expenses.

Services Provided:

  • Assist with completing the FAFSA – The federal government requires that the FAFSA be completed to determine a student’s eligibility to receive financial aid. The proper completion of this application should not be minimized. Many families complete the FAFSA in such a way that it limits their eligibility, and they do not receive all the aid they may be eligible for.
  • Confirm accuracy of the Student Aid Report after you complete the FAFSA
  • Researching potential scholarships
  • Analysis of Financial Aid Awards after your chosen institutions have made their initial awards
  • Discuss individual family needs and resources to pay for college
  • We explain and assist you with submitting a financial aid appeal to schools to maximize your financial aid award
  • Review College or University Cost/Bill -Understanding the cost to attend college. (Direct vs. Indirect Costs).


As the cost of a college education continues to rise, there’s pressure on both families and students to pay for a college education without creating financial burdens.  This becomes a major factor in decision-making and college affordability.  We will assist you in eliminating these concerns as we support your family throughout this entire process.

Choose the plan that best fits your needs.

Working with CHES is a fluid, start-and-stop process. The timeline and plans below give you a general idea of how our consulting services work. You can also contact us at any point in the financial aid process and we’ll design a custom plan tailored to your individual needs.

Deluxe Family Plan ($100)

The Deluxe Consultant Plan gives you basic assistance with your financial aid process. This can take place at any point in the financial aid cycle, from the application phase to award comparison and evaluation.

Services include:

  • Assist with completing FAFSA and Reviewing Student Aid Report
  • Calculate college costs
  • Answers to financial aid application questions
  • Financial aid offer evaluation and comparison
  • Personal advisor consultation

FREE 10 Minute Call

Premium Family Plan ($250)

The Premium Consultant Plan gives you basic assistance with your financial aid process. In addition, we will assist you with managing the entire financial aid process for college-bound students & families for one full academic year.

Services include:

  • Assist with completing FAFSA and Reviewing Student Aid Report
  • Calculate college costs
  • Answers to financial aid application questions
  • Financial aid offers evaluation and comparison
  • Personal advisor consultation
  • Award Letter Analysis and Negotiation
  • Offer Solutions to Pay for College
  • Researching Potential Scholarships
  • Review of College Bill

FREE 10 Minute Call