Jessica Dworkin, JD, LLM

essica Dworkin is a true leader having an in-depth understanding of the complex world of International Enrollment Management. She has for over 10 years demonstrated her unique combination of experience, leadership, vision, the ability to identify, evaluate and prioritize opportunities, a mastery of enrollment management, strategic planning, sophisticated communication skills, and the abilities to work for and represent many institutions across college, university, and global spheres. Her career path has allowed her to master the management of multiple large graduate programs with increased responsibilities for strategic planning, growth, institutional leadership, and internationalization.

Jessica has managed and been responsible for all aspects of international and graduate law programs at two of our nation’s tier-1 law schools. She collaborates with faculty members and senior members of the administration to grow strategically, in both quantity and quality, a vibrant community of talented international students who are interested in studying in the United States for their graduate degrees. This includes strategic planning (both annual and long-term) for managed growth focusing on quality and diversity of students, with attention to overall revenue mix and budgetary needs.

This planning relies on analysis of historical and market data and metrics. Jessica has pioneered a proven strategy for the entire admissions process (including application review), counseling of prospective students, development and dissemination of marketing collateral, and development and maintenance of strategic relationships and pipeline programs globally with alumni and partner institutions. Her efforts have resulted in several new and continued partnerships, agreements, and ongoing relationships across the globe, as well as significant growth in each institution she has worked for yielding a simultaneous strengthening of the quality of students, and an improved budget outlook for the college or university.

Jessica has been an active member of various professional organizations throughout her career in higher education administration: first, as a member and leader within NALP (the leading national legal career professionals’ organization); as a member of NAFSA, and the EducationUSA community, both of which she joined in 2009; and most recently within LSAC. Jessica has a written command of both Spanish and Portuguese with a native spoken fluency in Spanish and spoken proficiency in Portuguese. A graduate of Duke University School of Law with both the JD and LLM degrees she received her BA degree from The Ohio State University.