Matin Royeen, Ph.D.

Matin Royeen holds a Ph.D. in an interdisciplinary program incorporating counseling, psychology, multicultural and global education from the University of Cincinnati in 1980.

During the past four decades, Dr. Royeen has been involved in higher education, business, and government. Specifically, he has been involved in diversity training and multicultural education both at home and abroad. From 2009 to 2011, Dr. Royeen served as a Senior Civilian Cultural Advisor in his native country of Afghanistan. In this role, he was trying to bridge the cultural gap and cultural misunderstandings between the USA-NATO and the leadership of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. In addition to teaching in health sciences in several universities, Dr. Royeen served as Dean of Student Affairs at the Roanoke College of Health Sciences 2000-2002. He has co-edited a book “Culture in rehabilitation: from Competency to Proficiency” which was published by Prentice Hall in 2006. In addition to writing and some publications, Dr. Royeen has conducted numerous workshops on culture, diversity, and inclusion in academia, business and government.