CHES offers strategies that increase institutional efficiency and effectiveness. We suggest the implementation of new technology only if it is the most effective solution for your college or university. If we suggest an updating of your technology, we will also provide training so you and your staff might achieve optimal use of the system.

Implementation of Educational Technology

In an economy increasingly driven by technological change and the global marketplace, businesses need to stay abreast of the latest innovations in order to keep their competitive edge and access new market opportunities. If it is to remain relevant and effective, a business must pursue this process on a regular basis. Effective technological implementation requires an institution, before purchasing new equipment, to strategize, consider requirements, think through a plan of implementation, develop a training program, and anticipate reponses to potential contingencies. Whether large or small, CHES welcomes the opportunity to work with your IT department during its next implementation of new technology.

Technology and Distance Learning

Online education is changing dramatically, and distance learning has gone from new to normal. Students are enrolling online in staggering numbers, matriculating in a broad range of programs. Those enrolled in traditional campus settings are also taking online or hybrid courses. It is indeed a brave new world, academically.

In this connection, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) was expected to be a major boom. While the impact was less than expected, these courses did validate some of the educational and business models for new approaches to online education. Online programs are also evolving to target both macro and micros communities of students at every type of college.

This re-design of educational delivery demands that we consider teaching, learning, and the economics of higher education in new ways. CHES works with your college or university to integrate new technology and/or maximize your current technology in order to enhance the educational process and your institution’s bottom line.